May 11, 2005

life as I know it

so heres the scoop folks i am leaving shortly to spend my day with'll be me and the Sicher kids today 10-6 but before i go i have some time and i'd like to catch you all(like anyone actually reads this)up on my life....

Sunday, at like 6 in the am (what was i thinking?) my flight leaves from Pittsburgh to take me to Denver where i'll stay with some of PB's friends on sunday night and monday and then tuesday morning the fun begins...a week of orientation to YFC and some training...this is where i'll learn about the budgeting and fund raising and how things work in general with YFC...hopefully lots of my questions will be answered....after i return teh following sunday, it's back to work for me....

for those who dont know, work is the Express Photo lab at the New Eckerds in Seven fields its not bad, not high paying to say the least, but it is work and the folks there are pretty nice...all in all i like my job.

Last night i said Goodbye to micah without definite plans to see each other agian...this is as sad as ti sounds, but not as dramatic. it's jsut that he doenst know his plans for sure and my plans can only be made a week or so in advance since tha'ts when i get my schedule....but hey we'll see what happens....for now there's e-mail IM and the he points out i'm not planning on living in the same country so we'll call it practice and grow from it (i hope)

Ok time to go and play with those adorable children.

peace out

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