April 13, 2005

Three funny Havener stories:

Mom put man-gel in Alex’s hair on sunday. Apparently it smelled like slugs, and armpits…on a rainy day…that haven’t been washed…in 29 years, and an insulted stink bug, and there was no point in going to church where people would insult his hair even though he was insulted by it himself. In this family he feels as insulted as a watchdog whose house got robbed. This is just a sneak preview of miss Brenda’s latest book, “101 ways to insult your mother”

Tonight Tom who fixes my car took Roxie home after church to see if he couldn’t get the squealing to go away. He pulled up where I was waiting for my mom to go home and told me it was making a horrible noise that he couldn’t get to stop. He was referring to my music, a G-Hopp mix of Darkbeats. He could not figure out how to turn off my radio.

Mom and Alex went to see baby Gracie. She is brand new. Alex announced at the dinner table that “she looked more like a male than a female” I said I hope he didn’t tell Jodi that. His reply, NO, She already knows…she has eyes.

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