April 28, 2005

there are no lifeguards in the gene pool

this is an overheard conversation with my dad in the basement stair well...my dad is standing on one foot on a small chair using a hand drill over his head....
mom: what are you doing?
Dad: hanging the smoke detector.
mom: why are you doing it with power tools?
Dad: i'm not using power tools.
mom: well why are you using hand tools?
Dad: i had to put plugs in the holes, and now i am putting small holes in the plugs...when it came out of the wall it was becasue the screws pulled out
mom: when did the smoke detector come down?
Dad: when i pulled on it.

lest you think my mother is the sane one this conversation takes place in the laundry room. the high school band is goign to Cleveland this weekend. i am measuring laundry detergent

Me: And I don’t see how you could ever be anything but mine
Mom: What’s that from
Me: That song about Cleveland, I sing it every chance I get whenever someone mentions cleveland
Mom:I thought it only had one line
Me:no it has three
Mom:what are they?
Me: 3-4-5
Me: I don’t know what they mean

some where around the time my mom said "i thought it only had 3 lines" i switched my end of the conversation from music to the laundry detergent measuring cup.


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