February 26, 2005

Man, That DJ made my day!

Today is beautiful. The sun is shining and even though there’s snow on the ground the air isn’t that cold. I worked my favorite shift 7-330. so that when I got off work the sun was still out. So I rolled my windows down, put my hat on (it’s not that warm yet:) and turned up the bass. There is nothing that makes me feel better than sunshine, the windows down and the radio up! Today’s bass of choice was Trancefusions, a CD my un-official Brother mixed. It’s really a neat thing that he does…that whole DJ thing, who’dve thought that back in 11th grade:) anyway it’s the song that says I’m aliiiiiiive! Over and over and then theres this really upbeat/intense part that if you don’t want to dance to that you must be dead!
I need that today…there’s some rough stuff going on in other’s lives that I’m listening to and trying to just be support…pray for me and for them…I am not giving details it’s not my place….it’s been a rough week, but this afternoon, MAN, THAT DJ MADE MY DAY!!

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