February 8, 2005


in case you were wondering which i know you are not, you'd rather read my rants or bizarre thoughts than boring details of my job search...but just in case you were wondering read on:

ok, so i'm an eckerd pharmacy employee. $6.25 at the front counter 35-38 hours a week. starting thursday. Sigh

also i heard from OMS Headquarters today i have a few more forms to fil out and send in a a few people to remind to send references.

and i saw an interesting opportunity with YFC that i'm looking into...if anyone knows anything about Slovakia let me know

AND i've gotten and am filling out an application for Samaratins purse.

I came to a point where my deisres crystalized adn i said, "Stas, why are you looking at churches. you want to do missions. DUH!" so we'll see

that's a bout it

getting off line now

pray for me and let me know how i can pray for you

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