January 20, 2005

things you should know

cars: it will prolly be a cavalier...and it will probly be monday. and then i'll be done with part of my searching. and out of the middle of the arguments....

Alex explained about ahving older sisters to his friend Brian: "all of them have boyfriends, I pick them"

I like Greg. He smells nice...i have a weakness for that scent. and for someone who cant tell a story to save his life (it's genetic) he does have a nice laugh
i want one
i am sad that my post about pole dancing got me no comments. i really would liek to try it, but really i posted it to get comments and got no takers.
i talked to like 8 people today who didnt want to hire me. it was depressing
I quit. (a rather ironic statement since i cant find anyone who will hire me)

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