June 8, 2012

S.O.S. - Save Our Strawberries

I have a full garden update in the works, and I need to post about my trip west and my haircut and this hilarious video of Micah and his brother trying mark an angle to cut off a fence post and the giant tomato grandma Henry bought us again this year (you can't argue with that lady) as well as June's wallpaper....but first I need help!  I have a problem (more than one probably but this is the one I'm seeking assistance on).

My strawberry pants are lush green and healthy. But I am not getting to eat any of the fruit!! Seriously, I have harvested SIX berries. They are delicious. I want more but....Something is eating holes in all my berries!  What am i doing wrong? How can I fix this!!?!


AmiDawn said...

could be slugs. mark made a trap in our garden with a peanut butter jar and some beer. they have a very low tolerance so they drink a little, fall in, and drown. lightweights.

Miss Brenda said...

I saw this thing on pinterest where you paint rocks to look like little strawberries and the birds peck them and it hurts their little beaks and it turns them off strawberries for a long time. I don't how slugs react to rock berries.

Abi said...

Probably the same, if they are drunk... if you could capture video of your drunk slugs trying to eat through a painted rock I would enjoy that :)

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