December 5, 2009

Cut my own hair again.

Last Thursday My hair looked like this.

Then I cut it. and styled it and an hour later it looked ... well pretty much the same.

So tonight I tried again. and it ended up looking like this!

Am I not the most fabulous hair cutter ever?!?! I love my hair like this. Why do i ever grow it long?

We will not discuss the back. I'll just say that it could be much worse. Remember the time that I cut Abi's hair?


Minnie said...

I remember when Megan cut hers and Tyler's hair!

Miss Brenda said...

You mean the time you used the dog clippers?

Abi said...

does it look like Kate Gossilin?

Brenda's Man said...

You look beautiful honey! Always have - always will.

Stephen James said...

Veselé vianoce a Štastný nový rok

Tawna said...

Wow! I don't think I could ever cut my own hair! Good job! :-)

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