November 22, 2008


I may be a blogging failture :) I even mistyped blogging just now TWICE.
I'm in grove city, i still have to go to the library to get internet :(

i have a bunch of stuff to do, including painigna nd scrubbing back at the appartment (which STILL only has one p), so i will make this quick.

WHO in the name of all that is good would name a child CHANCE. no kidding, i just sat next to the kid at McDonalds, and that was his name. i heard it more than once!!

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AmiDawn said...

hey. i ate the turkey and mashed potatoes last night after my presentation. they were still delicious. even better with an Ale8. ps some of the fam thinks your not in the country. you should let them know. love you lots!!!

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