June 11, 2008

the brain is a wonderful and mysterious place.

I stood up to go down to the bathrooms and take some pictures. (that sounds funny...because this is a retreat center/campground, they are building extra bathrooms outside...oh never mind)
Anyway, As i stood up, i looked at the clock and the thought that occured to me was,

It is quarter to eleven, do you know where your chickens are?

yeah, i'm a bit confused and surprised too.


Abi said...

I don't mean to freak you out, but I had the same thought the other day, it was a different time, but it was def. 'do you know where your chickens are' (Chickens in place of Children)
Can you say it in Slovak?

AmiDawn said...

hey if i ever wanted to call you... which i do of course... whats the time diff again? 6 hrs right but i cant remember which way and i would be sad if i accidentally called u at like 2 in the morning :) love you!

Abi said...

Hey sister, whats going on?

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