October 16, 2007

bold fly

in my appartmment, we have no hot water. we also have a very bold fly. it woke me up this morning buzing in one ear and then the other. it lands on my hands while i type and it will not leave mmy hot chocolate alone. once the plumber comes to fix the water heater, i am going to wal-mart and buying one of those hanging fly sticky thingys that I hate. because i hate this fly immmesurably more. ("bold fly" sounds like a great name for a band) (a really annoying band)


Most people would wait to scrub their kitchen floor until the hot water heater was fixed huh? especially if "scrub kitchen floor" wasn't even on the 29 item to do list for the day. I am not most people. the kitchen floor was grossing me out. I am not mmost people, i am distractable, procrastinating, compulsive people. it is hereditary.


Anonymous said...

Oh how I love you! You should just use your flip flop to kill the bold fly! Want to know something funny?? I left you your message "tag your it for phone tag" BEFORE I even listened to your message where you said the same thing!! look how good we are! ex-roomate

Abi said...

hey I can't get to your blog from your profile, what's up with that?

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