September 6, 2007

Nick the Amazing

loook!! Nick the Amazing strikes again!! he fixed the T in my header!!!
Hi Nick, i didnt even know you were reading :)
I made an apointment today to get my hair cut on monday. I'm going back to the short style i had last september.
in spite of having internet, i am rather dull.
We spoke to a missions comittee on Tuesday and Micah's COusin;s church is going to support us to go to Slovakia!!


Miss Brenda said...

Stasi--I love you!!

TC said...

I'm so glad ya'll got sponsors :)

Anonymous said...

Stasi I love you I'm glad you are blogging again!!

Anonymous said...

ps this is your roommate... not micah

Anonymous said...

This is Nick, I would just like to petition that the words "the Amazing" be stricken from my name. thank you that is all.

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