March 20, 2007

Barnyard Imagery...

In the last few days before I leave (I only have EIGHT!!!!!) my typically ambitious to-do lists have taken on epic proportions. Some things are necessary; find out about the airline restrictions in each of the 4 airports and countries I’m flying through, do two loads of laundry, start and finish packing, figure out what to store here and where, deal with my bank account and cell phone, clean my room and bathroom, finish Katka’s DVD, find thank-you gifts for people here.
Some are just things I want to do or thought that I would be able to do; visit the O’Connells one more time, bake a last batch of cookies, start on my taxes, finish the layouts for my wedding invites, get my hair trimmed so i look good when i get home, clean out my hard disk and archive everything before I take my laptop on a plane

“Like a chicken with it’s head cut off.”
During some quiet time this morning, I had that thought. It came in direct contrast to the picture of us as sheep that shows up in the bible so often. I cant speak for anyone else, but my inclination (especially recently) leans more toward the headless chicken than the sheep. (You have heard that expression right? I used it this morning, and then had to explain it to a room full of Slovak speakers. I will miss constantly clarifying my language.)

Some contrasts I thought of:
~The chicken can’t see of hear where it’s going, it’s head is somewhere else.
~The sheep is following the shepherd and it hears his voice.
~The chicken is running around but it keeps running into walls and making a mess everywhere in it’s futile efforts.
~The sheep may not know where they are headed but they don’t have to as long as they follow the shepherd they will end up exactly where the has planned to take them.
~The chicken is going to die. You can’t just run around without a head forever
~The sheep has someone looking out after it.

In the words of the VBS song: I just wanna be a sheep baaa baa baa baaa.

*edit* i keep editing this entry to add things to my to do list :)


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Traveling Chica said...

Sounds like a great list. My wish for you is to get all of the important things on it done... and by important, I mean the things that 20 years from now you'll remember, like visiting friends one last time.

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