January 23, 2007

food i miss

biscuits from KFC
barbeque sauce
Primanti Brothers sandwich...bacon and cheese
Chicken salad with french fries and ranch dressing
Mango Salsa
corn bread and chili
German Chocolate Cake with teh coconut icing
Heinz Ketchup
taco bell....the mushy buritos....the cinnamon twists....

ok i'm gonna stop now.


Miss Brenda said...

Does this fall under whatsoever things are good...think on these things?
Love you.

TC said...

Umm... I could send you Heinz Ketchup and Barbeque sauce if it would make things easier...

Katie said...

Wow. I've never even had a "Primanti Brother's sandwich" or Mango Salsa (is it fruity?). I guess you haven't lived till you've been to Mars. By the by my I moved my blog over to blogspot today...was having trouble publishing elsewhere...thought you would like to know... since you're like my only reader... *hugs*

Stasi said...

exactly, Miss brenda! you know that mango salsa counts as a "good thing" (also as a serving of fruit :) )

you know TC, care packages are always appreciated ;)

and Katie, you gotta come north to Mars sometime! We can get Primanti Bros. and mango salsa and catch up!

TC said...

I've sent Peanut Butter to my friends over there before, so look at my profile, get my email and send me an address: I'm sure I could get some bbq sauce and heinz ketchup to you. :)

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