June 7, 2006

DVANAST TYZDEN!!! (translation:eleven week!!)

Help me here, did I really use the phrase “rediscovered my groove” in last week’s update? The blacklight beatles show must have had a more lasting effect than I thought!

This was a full/short/crazy/busy week. (feel free to pick the adjective that you like best)

Last Friday, plans changed and instead of leaving at 5 in the Morning, I ended up hanging around Presov till 8 in the Evening (I was not upset about this change!) The reason I got moved to the group that stayed was to take pictures of the closing program for the 24/10 prayers in Presov.
We got safely to Vsetin rather late at night. Thank you for Praying for this weekend!!! Getting there safely was the first answer since there were bad storms here this weekend complete with flooded roads and downed trees. And then the Worship Festival itself went without any major hitches. I of course didn’t understand what the speakers were saying, but the people there did and there was a great response. The people who came forward exactly matched the number of people on the Prayer team. God has all the Little details under control!! Also, the Catholic Church in Vsetin participated and it seemed like some barriers between Protestants and Catholics started to come down.

Sunday morning we traveled home and in the afternoon, I took a nap and refreshed after spending the whole weekend working. That was good because Monday morning I had to go to the foreigner police, with all the documents that I have been gathering. We thought we had everythign, but found out one page needed to be notarized. Other than that everything seems to be in order. It was a rather stressful morning, so I decided since I had the afternoon off I would travel to Hermanovce and surprise the group from Grove City. I rode a bus all by myself and arrived in time to join them on a short hike and visit some before getting a ride back to Presov.

Tuesday I met with some people from the University of Presov to impart my great wisdom and priceless advice to others who plan to spend a year volunteering abroad. I spent the afternoon backing up files to the new router and meeting with Marian and Roman to discuss the details about the music video.

Wednesday was my really full day. I think I have done about a weeks worth of work in under 24 hours. I went to the notary. Handed in my Visa forms once and for all. Now we just wait to make sure of approval! While we were on out 10K walk this morning/afternoon looking for locations for shooting the music video, we stumbled across a perfect abandoned building. This discovery was followed by an impromptu meeting to ask permission to shoot in it (pray that this works out, please). I finalized the shot list and locations for the video and packed for next week.

Tomorrow (Thursday) I will meet up with the Grove City Group here in Presov and spend next week touring the country. I am very excited about this! It will be good to have someone to be a tourist with. And since everything is all planned out, it should be a very low stress week. I’ll be back next Thursday.

Updates on things you’ve been praying for:
-I got a new mobile phone after crushing the old one last week. The Lipovsky family loaned me Esther’s old phone. It works great, and I can read the screen!!
- The field/ranch we have been looking at for CampFest is for sale (it wasn’t for sale before and was just serving as the model for what they wanted) Aditionally, there is a supporter who is willing to help us out with this, because it can also be used as a retreat center during the year. It is still a huge request as plenty of things could go wrong since the property is owned in parts by 4 different individuals and all that jazz, but we’re also praising for gods hand so far at this point.
-Simon, from Switzerland arrived this week to help with logistics for CampFest. As a part of his education, he has to do an internship in a foreign country. Helping Riso with the details of the bands counts for that. He is a great guy and already marian has commented on the big help he is being.
-Because of problems with the camera an outside organization was hired to come in to do the video projection at CampFest

Please keep praying:
-For safety in travel this week
-That I will be refreshed and realxed
-That my visa will be approved
-CampFest preparations and the purchase of a field
-A quality camera for MPK

Thank you for praying, this week has been one answered prayer after another!!



Minion said...

Stasi, I always pray for you (mostly for your sanity) :-P

KTmato said...

You = amazing.
You are my hero.
I feel like you should know that. Write it down and recite it to yourself everyday.
I love you!

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